9 Clever 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

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When shopping for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife, you may be seeking for something timeless and classic or something creative and unique to surprise and impress her. Scot Moger outlines several classy and unique ideas to help you pick the best gifts for the woman you love and with whom you have spent the past fifty years.

9 Clever 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife She Will Get Surprised


50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife
Cultured Black Pearl Pendant Necklace

Most women love jewelry, so a man can’t usually go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry for his wife. Ideas include diamond earrings, a diamond eternity ring, or a bracelet with her birthstone as the main gem.


Has your wife ever wished for a painting of the two of you but you just couldn’t afford it or didn’t know where you could get something like this done? Now, you can turn an old photo of you and your wife into an oil painting online for a very reasonable price!


How about a piece of land in each and every state in the USA? One state for each married year.

Certificate Authenticity

Is your wife an astronomy buff, or just fond of the stars in the night sky? Perhaps she would love for you to name a star after her. She will receive a certificate authenticity, including the coordinates of the star that bears her name. A telescope might be a very nice compliment to this gift so that she can see her star up close, anytime she wants to, from home!


Flowers and chocolate are always great ideas for the lady in your life. Is your wife an avid gardener? Perhaps she would love a rose bush to add to the garden or a lavender plant to add a fragrant aroma to her garden.

Tour Tickets

Have you been saving for a vacation? This could be the perfect time to splurge and take your wife on the trip of a lifetime! Go on that cruise to the Caribbean she has always wanted to take, dine in Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, or take a guided bus tour of some of America’s most historic places! You can never go wrong with a trip for two as one of your 50th wedding anniversary gifts for wife to celebrate your years together.


A romantic dinner at your wife’s favorite restaurant or perhaps even the first restaurant you ever went to together is a great idea. Does your wife enjoy dining out a lot? Perhaps she would love a Dinner of the Month Club membership, which includes a monthly $25 gift card which will purchase a meal at one of her local, favorite restaurants.

Old Newspaper

Do you and your wife remember what happened in the world on the day you were married fifty years ago? Reminisce with an authentic original newspaper from one of fifty U.S. cities.

Renewing Vows

A very romantic idea could be to renew your vows in a ceremony that includes your friends and family. Spending fifty years together is nothing to sneeze at, and having a ceremony to celebrate this and remember why you and your wife got married in the first place is a great idea.

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