Rare 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Want to give a rare 50th wedding anniversary gift? Here is an idea from Elizabeth Arnott. Why not ask the family to club together and buy this special couple a countertop toaster oven for their golden wedding anniversary. Most toaster ovens are bought as gifts, and a 50th wedding celebration is the perfect opportunity to give them something that shows you care, and will make their lives easier.

These days, people in their seventies are far younger than they used to be – more active, willing to make changes, to experiment, and rise to new challenges. The golden wedding couple have survived together, through half a century of marriage and life’s ups and down, and deserve a special treat from their children and grandchildren.

Gone are the days when the old folks were stuck in their ways, and unable to learn new skills. The technical challenge of mastering a toaster oven is very modest – easier than boiling an egg! It will take no time to get used to the controls. Every new countertop toaster oven comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, and some inspiring recipes too.

Rare 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas With Countertop Toaster Oven

Rare 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea
Calphalon Quartz Heat Countertop Toaster Oven

A countertop toaster oven is a cross between a toaster and an oven. It works on electrical energy, and as the name implies, is very good for making toast. But it also has the capacity to bake and broil, and as it is small, it is very economical to use. (This could be an important factor for today’s senior citizens.) It sits on the countertop, so can be accommodated in even the smallest kitchen.

Is it getting too hot in the kitchen? When you bake or roast, using the traditional oven, it can become unbearably hot in the kitchen. With a toaster oven, you can achieve the same results without getting hot and bothered – shorter heat-up time, shorter cooking time, lower cooking temperature – all these elements add up to less heat in the kitchen.

A conventional oven is usually rather large, and if it is not wall-mounted you have to bend over, and lean with your face towards the tremendous heat while removing dishes, which over time gets dangerously more difficult for seniors to manage. Of course, it can accommodate the Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings, but for daily use, the toaster oven is so much more convenient, more accessible, and economical – with faster pre-heat time and a cooler kitchen.

The option of convection heat is a good idea. The traditional oven has different temperatures according to how high or low the shelf is. Heat rises, so the higher the shelf, the higher the temperature. A convection oven has three main advantages.

1. it circulates the hot air, so food cooks evenly
2. it saves about 20% of cooking time
3. it cooks at temperatures about 20% lower than a conventional oven

Such a useful addition to the kitchen, the countertop toaster oven can toast bread and sliced muffins to perfection. It can cook pizzas, bread, casseroles, roast chicken or other small joints of meat, cakes, cookies warm up, pre-prepared dishes, cook frozen meals the list is endless. Your lucky Golden wedding couple can cook all their favorite dishes without needing to use their large and energy-inefficient traditional oven. A countertop toaster oven would be a rare but great 50th wedding anniversary gift.

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