10 Hottest Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

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If you choose a summer wedding date, why not take advantage of this season and use nature-inspired items to access your big day? There are a lot of awesome summer wedding decoration ideas to choose from.

Inserting fresh flowers is one of the easiest ways to make a striking look for a wedding photo album. Luckily, a lot of beautiful choices are in season. Daisies, sunflowers, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and irises are just a few of your many choices.

Many summer brides want to hold their ceremonies or receptions outside – and for good reasons. If you want a comfortable and intimate look for a wedding album, why not tie the knot before sunset, then ask guests to dance overnight surrounded by candles and romantic torches?

White Christmas lights are another inexpensive way to add light at night. If you tie a knot in a beach ceremony, the background might be quite ornate. At the reception, you can spread the shell across the table or use a variety of beach wood and glass to make unique centerpieces.

Meanwhile, if your wedding takes place on a farm or vineyard, you may want to access the seasonal seasonal fruit and vegetable gifts to create a theme that is inspired by a fertile “return to nature”.

Or go further and put green plants or small pots of herbs in the middle of each table. Small fruit trees can also be inserted into the reception area – this can also give small bursts of color to the photos on the wedding album.

Don’t forget to apply your summer inspiration to your wedding color palette. If you are a pastel fan, choose pink and complementary coral. More brave brides may want to choose dark orange or lime, while more traditional couples can choose sage green or lavender.

More Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Cool Cocktails

Add popsicles to your Prosecco glass and get a perfect summer drink. Edible flowers in clear pops make it a perfect picture – but you better drink fast!

Summer Wedding Decoration With Festive Favors

Festive Favors

Help your guests fight the heat waves (and look cool when they’re there) with a neat fedora hat. We are also obsessed with this look.

Summer Wedding Decoration With Upside-Down Florals

Upside-Down Florals

Think outside the box – or in this case, get out of the basket. How cool is this flower motif? Bright colors and woven textures scream for summer attention!

Summer Wedding Decoration With Berry Bites

Berry Bites

When it’s hot outside, most people crave something light and refreshing. And at a party, they want something to bite! That’s why you have to put this cute little cone on your menu.

Summer Wedding Decoration With Flower (Ice) Buckets

Flower (Ice) Buckets

You will see a cocktail theme here, but, hey, that’s what summer marriage means. We were especially obsessed with this ice bucket of flowers. They do double duty as a cooler and decoration.

Summer Wedding Decoration With A Vintage Beer Cart

A Vintage Beer Cart!

If you are going to serve beer at your wedding, do it in an unexpected way, like in this vintage trailer. (You get bonus points for the festive nameplate and pineapple decorations.)

Summer Wedding Decoration With Next-Level Fans

Next-Level Fans

Choose unexpected colors for must-have fans, which you should think about when sharing during the ceremony and reception. This dark purple is moody and perfect!

Summer Wedding Decoration With Pretty Pink Frosé

Pretty Pink Frosé

This is official: Rosé is a summer drink. That’s why you have to bring “summer water” to the next level (seriously) by serving it frozen, in a pretty pink coup.

Summer Wedding Decoration With Flowery Floats

Flowery Floats

Throw a party by the pool? Throw a few monogram letters (covered in floral motifs) on the pond!

Summer Wedding Decoration With Crazy Cacti!

Crazy Cacti!

Cactus plants are very popular this season. We like the green mix with copper mugs – Moscow mules, anyone? —And peach accent. These gorgeous summer wedding decoration ideas are from Brides.

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