13 Simple And Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces

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Minimalist weddings are no less popular than boho chic ones, and if you have chosen this style for your big day, you have to adjust everything to the minimum to make your wedding decoration perfect. No minimalist wedding decoration, everything holds up and beauty in every detail. Today we share a number of super stylish minimalist wedding centerpieces and most of them can be easily made.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces for Flowers and Flowers

Green and blooming plants are a timeless idea for wedding decorations, but if you are minimalist, the settings should not be excessive. Arrange clear vases and cups and put several green branches, single leaves and flowers into each glass and vase – one single flower or leaf is what you need. Embrace the season or location with your attention: if this is a tropical wedding, choose large tropical leaves or one tropical flower in each vase.

If this is an autumn or late summer wedding, choose dried and blooming herbs instead of fresh ones. Succulents are a hot decoration trend, so you can swing them instead of blooming and green. The good thing about such centerpieces is that they are very affordable.

You don’t need a lot of greenery or flowers to decorate a table and a simple arrangement like that can be made – no flower shop needed. How do you highlight your wedding center? Exchange clear vases with metal vases or use candles around the center.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces

The arrangement of clear glasses with various leaves and some white blooms is a simple minimalist idea.

Minimalist And Moody Centerpieces With Gold Pipes On Stands With Very Dark Calla Lilies

The golden pipe in the stand with the very dark calla lily is minimalist and moody centerpieces that look very wow.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Dried Flowers In Simple Matte White Vases

Dried flowers put in a simple matte white vase will be a nice decoration with delicate autumn shades.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Dried Blooms Inserted Into Porcelain

Dry blooms put into porcelain stands look minimalist and unusual and would be ideal for autumn.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Clear Vases With Greenery And Black Candles

Clear vases with greenery and black candles create a chic look with minimalist nuances – nothing is unnecessary here.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Clear Vases With A Single Tropical Leaf

Clear vase arrangements with single tropical leaves in each for a minimalist tropical wedding.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Blush Pillar Candles And Dark Blooms

The center of the wedding pillar candles reddened and dark blooms in a clear vase plus fruit.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Minimal Eucalyptus In A Clear Vase

A very minimal white wood wedding centerpiece in a clear vase will be suitable for modern or minimalist weddings.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Catchy Embellished Round Vase With Some Dried Blooms

A round vase with very attractive decorations with dried flowers and a single red rose has a big impact.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Lush Textural Greenery On A Gilded Stand

A minimalist wedding center high on a gold-plated stand and with lush greenery does not need a lot of table space.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Single King Protea Inserted Into A Geometric Candle Holder

Single king protea is inserted into a geometric candle holder and several candles in a higher candle holder.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With Bottle With A Single Tropical Leaf

A bottle with single tropical leaves are an easy and budget-friendly choice from a minimalist center.

Minimalist Wedding Centerpiece With White And Dusty Pink Blooms

A fine flower arrangement from a black vase, dusty white and pink blooms and black candles in a gold candle holder. This inspiration of minimalist wedding centerpieces is from Wedding O Mania.

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