25 Stunning Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Scandinavian and Nordic weddings are very widespread, whether you are going to destination weddings or just want to put some Nordic touches into your decorations. We stay to share beautiful and chic ideas to realize Scandinavian style in your wedding, and today we will look at Scandinavian wedding centerpiece ideas.

Scandinavian wedding centerpieces are the same as Scandinavian weddings as a whole: natural and simple but elegant and chic. Don’t over-decorate, make accents, and highlight what you have.

Embrace this season and add a touch to the center, don’t forget to do the same thing about the theme or location of your wedding. Here are some examples that you might like.

Non-Floral Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Non-floral wedding decorations are very popular now and Scandinavian style is right about greening, so making centerpieces without blooming or with very small amounts is a good idea to shake. Evergreens, ferns, leaves, berries, and branches of all kinds are exactly what you require.

You can place it in jugs, vintage vases, jars, bowls, and other items that match the style and theme of your wedding. Play with textures, add candles, deer antlers, and even oil lamps to make the center of your dreams. Combine dry and blooming herbs if you are holding a wedding in a wooded area or want a more natural look.

Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A lovely winter wedding center from baskets with cypress and bread bowls with fir and candles plus pine fruit and snowflakes.

Cute And Natural Scandinavia Wedding Centerpiece Of A Wooden Box With Moss

A cute and natural Scandinavian wedding centerpiece of a wooden box with moss, evergreens, succulents and little blooms for a winter or Christmas wedding.

Textural Greenery Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece With Little Stumps

A beautiful textural greenery Scandinavian wedding centerpiece with little stumps, moss, antlers and an oil lamp for a woodland or nature-inspired wedding.

Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece With A Large Glass Candle Holder Covered With Burlap

A large glass candle holder covered with burlap, with evergreens inside and a candle inside for a winter wedding.

Woodland Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece

A moss runner, white moss, antlers, pinecones and tall candles are amazing for a woodland Scandinavian wedding centerpiece.

Elegant Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of Moss In A Tin Bowl

A simple and elegant Scandinavian wedding centerpiece of moss in a tin bowl, branches and a vintage candle holder.

Simple Scandinavian Centerpiece Of Pharmacy Jars And Greenery

A simple centerpiece of pharmacy jars and greenery plus figs is great for a spring or summer woodland Scandinavian wedding.

Simple Nordic Wedding Centerpiece Of A Vintage Jug

A simple Nordic wedding centerpiece of a vintage jug and ferns is great for a fall woodland-inspired fete.

Simple Winter Nordic Wedding Centerpiece Of Evergreens And Little Blooms

A simple winter wedding centerpiece of evergreens, little blooms and candles in candle holders for a Nordic wedding.

Winter Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of Evergreens And Ferns

A winter wedding centerpiece of evergreens, ferns, snowy pine-cones, cotton and candles in candle holders for a Christmas table setting.

Woodland Scandinavian Styled Wedding Centerpiece Of Greenery

A woodland style wedding centerpiece of greenery, succulents, dried blooms and pine-cones for a Nordic woodland summer or fall wedding.

Cozy Winter Scandinavian Wedding With Branches In Vintage Urns And Pinecones

Evergreens and berries, branches in vintage urns and pine cones for a cozy winter Scandinavian wedding.

Beautiful And Natural Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece With Textural Greenery

A beautiful and natural wedding centerpiece with textural greenery, evergreens, anemones and berries plus candles for a Scandinavian winter wedding.

Chic And Easy Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of Eucalyptus And Cotton

A stylish and relaxed centerpiece of eucalyptus, cotton and a candle in a gilded candle holder for a winter Nordic wedding.

Natural Wedding Scandinavian Centerpiece With Greenery

A chic natural wedding Scandinavian centerpiece with greenery and various moody and blush flowers for an elegant fall or late summer fete.

Delicate And Dimensional Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of White And Blush Blooms

A delicate and dimensional wedding centerpiece of white and blush blooms and dried herbs in a cool bowl for a romantic Nordic spring wedding.

White Peony And Baby's Breath Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece

A lush greenery and white peony and baby’s breath Scandinavian wedding centerpiece is amazing for spring or summer weddings.

Lush Nordic Wedding Centerpiece Of Bold Blooms And Evergreens

A lush Nordic wedding centerpiece of bold blooms, evergreens, succulents, antlers and geometric candle lanterns.

Natural Winter Nordic Wedding Centerpiece Of A Tin Bowl And Purple Blooms

A natural winter Nordic wedding centerpiece of a tin bowl, purple blooms and candles with twine, eucalyptus for a fresh touch.

Rural Scandinavian Centerpiece Of A Tin Can With Wildflowers

A rural Scandinavian centerpiece of a tin can with wildflowers is great for a spring or summer wedding.

Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece With Holly Berries And A Vase

A Scandinavian wedding centerpiece with holly berries and a vase with evergreens and red roses floating in the vase.

Simple Scandinavian Centerpiece Of Candles On A Wood Slice

A Simple Scandinavian Centerpiece Of Candles On A Wood Slice, smoked glass vases with greenery, branches and neutral blooms.

Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Ideas with Flowers

Flower centerpieces are traditional for weddings, but if you want floral decorations with Nordic nuances, don’t make them excessive, too fertile and decadent, this isn’t about Scandinavian style. You can choose one large bloom in a vase or put several branches and attach blooms to them.

If this is a spring or summer wedding, why not take some wild flowers and put them in a can or vase that you have? If you want a smooth and smooth look, prefer blush and white to bloom and make textures for a more attractive appearance.

Subtle Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of White Candles And Blush Roses

A subtle Scandinavian wedding centerpiece of white candles, blush roses and curly branches in matte white vases.

Summer Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of Freshly Picked Wildflowers

A summer Scandinavian wedding centerpiece of freshly picked wildflowers and greenery in a jar with twine can be easily DIYed.

Textural Rustic Scandinavian Wedding Centerpiece Of Various Foliage

A textural rustic Scandinavian wedding centerpiece of various foliage and some white blooms, the jar is wrapped with twine and a tag. These inspirations of Scandinavian wedding centerpiece ideas are from Wedding O Mania.

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