Creative Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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We are used to making flower centerpieces on the wedding table: only a few beautiful flowers in the color you need. But what if you break the tradition and make a non-interest center? Let’s look at some options of non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas that you might take.

Dry branches adorned with jewelry or whatever you want, candles, ice, yarn balls, even a planet that gives a name to the table! A fantastic idea for an autumn wedding is a bowl decorated with vegetables, and for a spring or summer wedding – a wooden box with some yummy fruit, peaches, for example.

Weddings on the beach will be emphasized with glass bowls with starfish and sand. Choose the work according to the theme and color of your big day. Ikebana slices, lemon pyramids or peacock feather bouquets – just look at a few examples below and get inspired!

Green Plants/Succulents/Air Plants

If you don’t want to shop for flowers, stick to greenery, air plants and succulents – they are very popular and trendy, they can be incorporated into almost all wedding decorations, from rural to modern.

Make tall centerpieces above the geo stand using various types of textured greenery, create bold geometric terrariums with air plants and succulents, put them in boxes, planters, or even vintage books. Choose anything that matches your wedding decoration.

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A bowl with moss and succulents are a trendy idea because terrariums are a hot decorating idea.

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece With Bowl With Planted Succulents And Hay

A bowl with succulents and planted straw are the idea of a simple and chic rural wedding center.

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece With Chic Geometric Terrarium With Moss

Chic geometric terrarium with moss, driftwood and succulent for a modern and bold wedding center.

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece With Cute Copper Terrarium With Moss And Air Plants

A cute copper terrarium with moss and airplanes plus succulents and fertile eucalyptus for table runners.

Cute Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Of A Burlap Wrapped Fir Tree

A cute rural wedding center from burlap trees wrapped in pine trees with keys and vintage labels.

Geometric Wedding Centerpiece Decoration With A Large Succulent

Geometric decorations with large succulents are a great idea for modern geometric weddings.

Lush And Oversized Tall Foliage Wedding Centerpiece

Fertile and large centers of high foliage are wow solutions that make the room feel like outdoors.

Lush Pale Air Plant Wedding Centerpiece With Pillar Candles

The centerpiece of wedding pale air plants with pillar candles is a slick idea that is easily remade.

Wedding Centerpiece With Mercury Glass Urn With Greenery

Mercury glass jars with greening are a chic and simple central idea.

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece With Moss And Succulents

A rural wedding centerpiece with moss, succulent, candles and with table numbers for natural fun and nuances.

Tall Greenery Wedding Centerpiece Of Various Types Of Eucalyptus

A tall green plant centerpiece of various types of eucalyptus and some leaves on a geometric copper stand.

Tall Tropical Wedding Centerpiece With Large Tropical Leaves

A tall tropical wedding centerpiece with large tropical leaves is a cool and fresh idea for tropical weddings. These inspiration of non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas are from Wedding O Mania.

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