Cute And Creative Book Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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If you really like reading books, you will fall in love with these book wedding centerpiece ideas! What about the book table centerpieces and table numbers for your wedding?

Wedding book centerpieces have a big advantage. They are very affordable and even if you are going to bloom on a book, they can be smaller because the stack of books will raise it up, so you can save a lot of money on interest.

If you don’t have too much time, you can make a very simple table decoration element, for example, take a vase or bottle and put flowers and combine them with several books (you can choose the same color book or the same genre).

But if you don’t like easy ideas and really want to make something difficult and awesome, look at our photos and you will find various ways (for example, making hearts out of pages, that’s an adorable idea) how you can create original book tables centerpieces! Enjoy!

Pile of Book Centerpieces

Choose a theme or style for your wedding, books, music and books, rustic, vintage, modern, forest – all these themes will be fun with book centerpieces! Piles of books can be combined with many things depending on the theme of your marriage.

This can be a candle, a blooming and green arrangement, a terrarium, pine trees, lanterns, moss, and many other things. If this is a jungle wedding, try moss books with or without blooms, pine fruit, oak seeds and lanterns, if you’re going to go for vintage weddings go to pile with pearls, vintage tea cups with blooms, moss and candles, if it’s a wedding lover’s book , focus on the book – highlight them with robes, add greenery or blooms and table numbers.

Book Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Some books plus pink roses in a vase on cloche look very romantic and gorgeous.

Couple Of Books With A Glass With A White Rose And A White Lantern

Several books, glasses with white roses and white lanterns filled with fresh flowers for an elegant vintage centerpiece.

Stack Of Books On A Mirror Tray With Candles In Glass Candle Holders

A stack of books on a mirror tray with candles in a glass candle holder is a short and budget-friendly idea.

Stack Of Books Plus A Lush Floral Arrangement

A pile of lush books plus lush flowers above is a beautiful garden wedding center idea.

A Stack Of Books With Potted Cascading Greenery

A stack of books with green cascading pots above is an easy DIY idea and very budget-friendly. These book wedding centerpiece ideas are from Wedding O Mania.

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