27 Innovative Bowl Wedding Centerpiece Ideas To Try

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Wedding table decor is an essential thing as this way you are welcoming guests and create an ambience to communicate and enjoy your celebration. A wedding centerpiece is the main thing here. It expresses your wedding theme, style and colors and pops up the atmosphere.

Today we are sharing some adorable wedding centerpieces that can be created with a simple bowl. You won’t need a stylist to create these creative bowl wedding centerpiece ideas. They are all easily repeatable.


Terrariums are everywhere around because this is one of the hottest decor trends, and besides. They are so cute! Grab a glass bowl and fill it with moss and succulents of your choice, add herbs and greenery of your choice. It’s up to your wedding style.

If it’s a woodland wedding, you may go for wildflowers and herbs. It’s a coastal wedding, add shells and starfish. Add a candle but be careful not to make a fire. It can be a candle in glass.

glass bowl with succulents and pebbles

glass bowl with moss and a tealight
glass bowl wedding centerpiece with pebbles, moss and succulents
bowl wedding centerpiece with moss and succulents for a cute look
concrete bowl wedding centerpiece with planted succulents and a table number for a modern trendy wedding
antique wooden bowl wedding centerpiece with greenery for a relaxed woodland-inspired wedding
glass bowls with various wildflowers and a water reservoir source inside
Glass Bowl With Greenery And Herbs And A Black And White Table Number

Floating Bowl Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Create a gorgeous floating centerpiece: it may be a floating candle one or a floating flower one or both in one. If it’s a fall or Christmas wedding, why not try a glass bowl with cranberries and floating candles?

A floating flower centerpiece is a beautiful and romantic idea, which will fit almost any wedding theme and won’t require many blooms for a piece.

Glass Bowl With Cranberries And Floating Candles
Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Pebbles And Floating Sunflowers
Bowl With Greenery And Floating Roses In Blush And Pink
Sheer Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Petals And Floating Candles

Bowl Wedding Centerpiece Ideas with Coastal Vibes

Getting ready for a beach wedding? no problem, grab a glass bowl and place driftwood, rope, shells, starfish and beach sand inside to create a simple and cool centerpiece. You can also go for some candles but be careful and prefer them in glass.

Glass Bowl With Beach Sand, Shells, Starfish And A Blush Candle
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Driftwood, Succulents, Starfish And Table
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Rope, Corals And Flowers
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Shells Of All Kinds

Bowl Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are a great filling for your pretty glass, silver or a dough bowl. Such a centerpiece looks different, and it will easily fit a lot of wedding themes and styles. Oranges, tangerines, grapes, peppers and many other things can be arranged with some greenery or flowers.

Wooden Dough Bowl With Pussy Willow And Lemons
Wooden Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Greenery And Oranges
Silver Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Oranges And Tangerine
Silver Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Green Peppers And A Candle

Other Ideas

A bowl is a great base for a centerpiece, and it can be filled with many things: geode slices, flowers, greenery, moss, pine-cones, Christmas ornaments, candles and many other things, be creative and consider your wedding theme and colors and enjoy!

Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Greenery And Herbs And A Candle
Brass Wedding Bowl Centerpiece With Various Gems
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Faux Snow, Snowy Pinecones And A Large Candle
Glass Bowl With Floating Candles Surrounded With Lush Florals And Berries
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Pinecones And Evergreens
Glass Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Turquoise And Silver Ornaments
Vintage Silver Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Various Cascading Greenery

These ideas of bowl wedding centerpiece ideas are from Wedding O Mania.

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