27 Yummy-Looking Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Fruits And Veggies

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Whether you are planning a fall harvest wedding, a citrus-inspired tropical one or a boho lux one, you may like and want to use a cool idea of incorporating fruits and vegetables into your wedding decor. Today I’d like to spoil you with gorgeous and yummy-looking wedding centerpiece ideas with fruits and veggies.

Such centerpieces are a super creative idea. You won’t see them often. Moreover, they are budget-friendly, especially if you use fruits or veggies from your own farm or garden.

All of them can be done in different styles and can be given various touches.  I am sure you’ll find something proper for your wedding centerpiece style.

Fruit Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A wedding centerpiece with fruits is amazing for some wedding styles, themes and locations. It can be a moody fall wedding, a boho lux celebration, a tropical cheer wedding, a late summer one, a backyard, rustic or some other.

It can be a centerpiece with fruits and flowers or an arrangement of only fruits, which is particularly great for a tropical wedding. These ideas won’t break the bank.

What you need is a proper container, which matches your wedding style – a minimalist white plant, a vintage silver dish, a glass bowl or some other that fits. You can create a beautiful arrangement with black grapes, roses, leaves for a boho lux tables-cape. Place lemons and olive branches into a dough bowl for a Provence or Tuscany centerpiece. If it’s a summer wedding, place pears, apples and grapes on a dish in a conic shape and add some blooms. Look for more ideas in the gallery.

Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece With Pomegranates And Berries

Beautiful Centerpiece With Blush And Burgundy Blooms
White Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Tangerines, Succulents And Herbs
White Planter Wedding Centerpiece Filled With Apples And Wildflowers
White Textural Vase Wedding Centerpieces With Boxwood And Apples
Silver Bowl Wedding Centerpieces With Grapes And Pomegranates
Vintage Silver Bowl Wedding Centerpieces With A Pomegranate
Lush Summer Wedding Centerpiece With Blush, Plum And Burgundy Flowers
Lush Decadent Wedding Centerpiece With Neutral, Blush, Red Blooms
Glass Vase Wedding Centerpiece With Lime And Lemon Slices
Fall Wedding Centerpiece With Leaves And Berries
Bold Summer Wedding Centerpiece With Ruby Red Blooms And Raspberries
Concrete Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With White Blooms And Lemons
Crystal Vase With White And Peachy Roses And Green Grapes
Bronze Vase Wedding Centerpiece With Orange Ranunculus And Kumquats
Bold Fall Or Winter Wedding Centerpiece With Apples And Berries
Chic Wedding Centerpiece With Grapes And Plums
Colorful Wedding Centerpiece With Red And Orange Flowers
Dish Wedding Centerpiece With Cranberries And Pinecones
Dough Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Willow Pussy Branches And Lemons
Tropical Wedding Centerpiece With Green Grapes And Kiwi
Vintage Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Apples And Pears
Bronze Bath Wedding Centerpiece With Leaves And Herbs
Bold Wedding Centerpiece With Carrots And Cabbages
Fall Wedding Centerpiece With Red Flowers And Apples
Wooden Bowl Wedding Centerpiece With Radish And Onions
Organic Wedding Centerpiece With Cabbage And Carrots

These delicious-looking wedding centerpiece ideas with fruits and veggies are inspired from Wedding O Mania.

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