Camp Roller Coaster

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Camp Roller Coaster

Offering you an amazing Rishikesh camping experience, Camp Roller Coaster promises an extremely fun-filled and exciting outdoor experience. Nestled amidst thick and evergreen forests, this wonderful campsite is located on the banks of the Ganga River with the Garhwal Himalayas serving as its backdrop.

While days in this camp keeps you engulfed with a plenitude of fun and enthralling activities, the evening will bring you closer to the opulent beauty of nature. For those who love to challenge their own limits, can indulge in activities like white water rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, jungle trekking and several others. For the fun lovers, the camp offers nature walk, bird watching, corporate team games and beach activities such as badminton, volleyball, softball cricket, tug of war, carom and lots more. However, if you are yearning for tranquil and relaxing camping in Rishikesh options, you can participate in yoga and meditation during your stay in here.

Unlike the day, evenings in this camp will help you settle down and spend time with your own self and along with the other group members. Sit beside a lively campfire or bonfire, and do nothing but enjoy the untouched beauty of nature around you.

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