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14 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift: 25 Useful and Creative Ideas for Him and Her

Hi husbands and wives… 14 years of marriage is an achievement. It should be celebrated with a special gift for your wife or husband. There are various gorgeous items for a perfect 14 year wedding anniversary gift for him and her.
14 year wedding anniversary gift

You may want to give something funny, surprising and even useful for the gift. You may also want to know that there are traditional and modern gift ideas for 14th anniversary. 

So, what is the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift? The traditional 14th anniversary gift is ivory. It is a symbol of patience and also stability. 

Meanwhile, the modern symbol for the 14 year wedding anniversary is gold jewelry. It is an impeccable gift of prettiness to honor 14 years of matrimony. 

Well, now you know what people usually give as a gift for celebrating their 14 year wedding anniversary day? It is about time for you to get the perfect gift for your beloved couple. Here we have selected a number of amazing 14 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for you. 

Fun Useful Creative Ideas of 14 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him 

A wife can give a useful or funny thing to her husband for his gift. There are many 14 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband you can find out. Your husband will certainly feel happy with what you give. Have a look at the following interesting and creative 14th anniversary gifts for husband we choose for you.

ivory anniversary card
There are surely various ivory anniversary gifts for him. This cute modern ivory anniversary card is perfect for him and her. It would be a romantic anniversary gifts for them. The ivory leather elephant is attached to black cotton background. While, the cotton cloth is glued to the card. Outside the card is the words "Happy Anniversary". The availability of blank inside will allow you to write your own personal message.
funny coffee mug
A humorous present for your husband. This funny coffee mug comes with an arrow pointing up to him. Hence, every time he uses the cup he will be reminded how awesome you think he is.
engraved rock
A 14th wedding anniversary gift from stone would be a nice idea too. Take a look at this engraved rock. It can be displayed on your husband’s desk at home or at work. It will be a memorable item that will make a lasting impression and remind him of your love and how much he means to you every time he sees or touches it.
carved elephant pencil holder
Want to give something creative for your husband’s gift? This carved elephant pencil holder would be a nice decoration in his work desk. It is not only a pencil holder, but also an artwork for household decoration. He will love it!
engraved universal socket
Are you still getting confused from what to pick the best gifts for your husband as his anniversary gift? Don't worry, this universal socket engraved with “I Love You” will make a perfect gift idea for him. This tool will bring convenience for your beloved to work at home, in the field or daily work, and more.
stainless steel camping tool
A camping tool would be a helpful gift for your husband. This camping gear is made with stainless steel and wood. It comes with a solid nylon pouch for easy fit to your belt or harness. It is a guarantee for a safe carrying and convenient to takeout for use.
whiskey glass and stone set
If your husband is a whiskey lover, this whiskey glass and stone set is a perfect gift for him. This handsome vintage whiskey crate contains 2 rocks glasses, 8 granite whiskey stones, whiskey stone storage tray, metal tongs, 2 slate coasters and also whiskey cocktail cards.
shot glass with real bullet
Need a unique item gift for your husband? Have a look at this shot glass with real bullet. It will be creative decoration in his workplace.
handmade leather journal
This handmade leather journal would be very useful for him. Crafted with authentic leather, this leather bound journal offers a soft touch exterior with natural, distressed look which is truly exclusive. It can be used as an appointment book, daily journal, sketchbook, diary, or art scrapbook.
men razor
This gift may look simple but it will be very useful for him. Why don’t you give it for your husband’s gift? This razor is completed with 5 blades and dual lubrication and precision trimmer, handle and 16 cartridges.
motorcycle pencil and pen holder
This desktop storage accessories will be a nice and decorative item in your husband’s work desk. This motorcycle pencil and pen holder is made of iron.
poker cigar ashtray
Want a funny gift idea for him? This poker cigar ashtray is a good idea. It is a waterproof and creative ashtray with 2 grooves for smokers. Its bottom is smooth. It can be used for home art decoration. You can also use it for candy tray that you can put in kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, restaurants, bar and so on.
wood phone docking station
Giving something useful will always be appreciated by your husband. Why don’t you take this item for his anniversary gift? It will be very helpful for him. This stand is made of solid ash-tree and covered with non-toxic protective finishing. It has compartments for wallets, documents, glasses, watches, fitness trackers, bracelets, keys, stationary and more.
beard grooming kit
Your husband would like you giving this gift. Beard grooming kit is much needed by a lot of men. It is very essential to be always available at home. So, get this for your husband’s 14th wedding anniversary gift. He would be very thankful.
funny apron
For your husbands who love to cook, this apron will be a funny gift for him. He would really appreciate it. It covers the entire front so that he won’t get dirty or messy while cooking.

Traditional and Modern 14 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her

Ivory is identical with the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gifts. In the meantime, gold jewelry is considered the modern gift symbol. For any husband who is looking for the best gift ideas for your wife, one of the following items will be the perfect 14 year wedding anniversary gift for her.
potted artificial ivory desk rose
This potted artificial ivory desk rose is a wonderful gift idea to celebrate your fourteenth wedding anniversary. Ivory is the traditional gift for the 14th anniversary. It will be a romantic and perfect present her.
matching drinking glasses
This drinking glass is simple but can be very meaningful. Your wife would love it. It is romantic and cute as well. These couple drinking glass set is the perfect anniversary gifts for her and him.
charcuterie board cutlery set
I am totally sure that your wife will really like this item. It would be a useful gift for her. This cheese board will add a touch of elegance to your every party or family gathering. It is made of high quality stainless steel with bamboo handles that are easy to grip. It has 4 slotted magnet drawers storing which is simply striking and perfect to hold serving utensils and spreaders inside.
sterling silver pendant necklace
Looking for a jewelry gift for her? Have a look at this sterling silver pendant necklace. It is very noble and fashionable. Blue charm filled with love, she would look beautiful with it.
white elephant ring holder with decorative gold dish
Give something useful and helpful is always a good gift idea. Your wife will like this ring holder. It will help her to organize her rings. It is crafted from great quality glazed ceramic.
funny cat socks
Want to give something look simple but very useful for your wife? These cute socks featuring lovely cat paws pattern and cute cat face on the top will be a funny and useful gift for her. Made of cotton, acrylic, and spandex, they are very stretchy.
pen holder with phone stand
This pen holder with phone stand will decorate your wife’s work desk. It is a multipurpose storage-tail for phone holder. It is perfect for storing office essentials like pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes and more. This stylish decoration can be set on any desktop, end table, or coffee table to organize your office or living room. What a useful 14th wedding anniversary gift for her!
sterling silver necklace with 100 languages
Here is another romantic gift idea for her. This sterling silver necklace with 100 languages contains no lead and nickel. So it is not harmful for your health. Tell your wife you will love her in a hundred ways.
24k rose earrings
Gold jewelry is the symbol of modern 14 year wedding anniversary gift. This 24k rose earrings will be a perfect and wonderful gift for her.
breakfast sandwich maker

Your wife will certainly need this tool at home. It will be a great gift for her. She will be really thankful because you give it. This breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom sandwich in just 5 minutes. It is perfect for making brunch or a quick, healthy meal on the go. All removable parts on this breakfast maker are dishwasher safe. 

Well, what do you think of our 14 year wedding anniversary gift ideas above? We hope that one of the wonderful items will be a perfect gift idea for your wife or husband to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary day. You may also be interested in our ideas of 13th wedding anniversary gifts. So check it out!