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25 Creative 2 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Can Actually Use

Wedding anniversary is one of important moments in life. People usually celebrate it in many ways. One of them is giving a gift to their lovely person. For the second wedding anniversary, there are a number of beautiful and interesting 2 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her and him you can find out.

What is the gift for a 2 year anniversary? You may wonder what the best gift for the 2nd wedding anniversary is. The traditional symbol of second wedding anniversary is cotton. In the meantime, china is the symbol of modern gift.

You can actually give whatever you want to your couple. However, it is better if you are able to give something your couple can use. Items which can help your husband or wife at home would be more meaningful.

Useful 2 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas From Cotton

You can surely give an item from cotton for your wife's or husband's gift. There are various interesting and helpful 2 year wedding anniversary gifts for him and her. Check out our selections below.

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2 year wedding anniversary gift cotton jewelry tray

For a husband, you can give this engraved cotton jewelry tray for your wife's gift. With it, she can organize all of her lovely and favorite jewelries. She would really appreciate your gift.

matching apron gift set

Here is a practical and unqiue gift for her and him. It is a useful gift for couple. This matching apron set is made from high quality material. Its material is machine washable.

couple pillow cases

Want to change your pillow-cases with something unique and funny? These couple pillow-cases are what you are seeking for. They would be a romantic 2 second anniversary gift idea for husband and wife.

framed burlap print

This framed burlap print will be a perfect choice for the second anniversary gift. Your wife would love it. It can decorate your special room.

cotton pillow case

Here is another unique cotton pillow case that would be a wonderful cotton anniversary gift for the second year. The print pattern is only available on the front side. The back side is cotton and linen beige color without printing.

cotton flower drawing print

A cotton flower drawing print is a wonderful item. It will prettily decorate any room in your home. Your wife would love to have it as her wedding anniversary gift.

Mr and Mrs robes

For a couple gift, these Mr and Mrs robes are a perfect choice. Made of high quality cotton, they are very comfortable yet durable.

cotton sex towel

For a fun and cute gift idea, this cotton sex towel is wonderful. Designed specifically for after-sex cleanup, it is soft, fluffy and absorbent enough for any situation. This towel is made with premium cotton in a special double yarn weave.

cotton sateen printed sheet set

Another useful gift from cotton you can give for your wife is a cotton sheet set. Have a look at this pretty one. This cotton sateen printed sheet set is so comfortable and soft. She will surely love it. What a perfect gift for your wife in your second wedding anniversary!

cotton tapestry throw blanket

A blanket is another useful item that can be used soon. It is of course a useful gift for your wife. Here is a very nice cotton blanket. It can be used as a wall tapestry or decorative throw.

cotton dried flowers

Thesse cotton dried flowers are unique and beautiful. They are great for home decoration. Put them in your favorite room and feel the rustic farmhouse style from these flowers.

monogrammed hand towel

A monogrammed hand towel is also a unique and useful gift idea for her and him. Check out this personalized hand towel. It is beautifully embroidered. It will look incredible in your bathroom.

cotton rose flower

This cotton rose flower will be a fun and heartfelt gift idea for your 2 year wedding anniversary celebration. It is a great gift for him and her. It will totally bring smiles to your spouse.

unique pillow case

Here is another unique pillow case for your wife's gift. This romantic decorative pillow case will surely beautify your bedroom. She would love it!

Teddy Bear with cotton rose

Want a romantic gift for your wife? This Teddy Bear with cotton rose is so lovely. Teddy Bear is made with super soft fur and anniversary T-Shirt.

cotton anniversary photo album

This cotton anniversary photo album is so beautiful. A perfect gift her second wedding anniversary. Show off your favorite photos from this second anniversary gift album. It is a great table book or scrapbooking project for couples.

cotton handmade anniversary card

Present your gift along with this beautiful cotton handmade anniversary card. Show your only loved one in your life how much you care by writing your own heartfelt message inside this striking handmade anniversary card.

men cotton robe

Your lovely husand would like this cotton robe. It is lightweight and very comfortable. The spa kimono is also suitable for wearing when bathing or swimming. It's so soft to the skin, and durable. A perfect anniversary gift for him.

funny animal boxer

Looking for a funny and cute gift idea for your husband? This animal boxer is a perfect one. He would smile at it when wearing it and feeling happy.

pizza socks

Here is another funny gift idea for your husband. These pizza socks are so colorful. They match both casual clothes, a pair of jeans as well as a jacket and a suit. Pizza socks are funny, crazy, colourful and happy!

cotton wool linen necktie

A necktie is another good gift idea for your husband. It will be very useful for him. This cotton wool linen necktie is a perfect one. These ties will fit most adults and can be worn on men as tall as 6'10" when using a single or four-in-hand knot with the tail end of the tie shorter.

otton pouch

Give something useful will always be a great gift for your husband or wife. This cotton pouch will be useful for your wife. She can bring inside it small items.

cotton scarf

A scarf is another useful thing your wife needs. You can give this cotton scarf for her anniversary gift. She can wear it in the street, outdoor, travel, weekend, and even when doing sports.

cotton facemasks

A facemask becomes an important thing now. These cotton facemasks are washable and reuseable. You can use them many times and surely save more money.

standard 2-layer cotton facemasks

In this pandemi era of Corona virus 19, a safe facemask is very important. These standard 2-layer cotton facemasks are much recommended. They are reuseable as well.

cotton gloves

Another useful traditional gift idea for the second wedding anniversary is a pair of cotton glove. These cotton gloves are for eczema are washable in washing machine, can be reused many times. They will keep hands moisture. Moreover, the absorbent and breathable cotton will make your hands feel comfortable and will not feel too hot in night sleeping.

cotton men vest

Your husband would love this full-zip polar fleece vest. It looks cool and certainly much comfortable. It would be a perfect 2 year wedding anniversary gift for him.