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Best 4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her: Helpful and Useful Indeed

Hi good husbands and wives… Do you want to surprise your beloved spouse for the 4 year wedding anniversary gift? There are certainly unique 4th anniversary gift ideas. Hence, you may not get lack of idea for the perfect gift.

By the way, if you are not familiar with gifts that people usually give when celebrating their 4 wedding anniversary day, you’d better know them well. There is a 4th wedding anniversary symbol you have to know.

What is the traditional 4 year wedding anniversary gift? If you favor to follow tradition, the recognized 4th wedding anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. They embody the growing of your bond and the loveliness which approaches with sticking by each other's side all through thick and thin. In the meantime if you want to opt for a more modern gift, you can give an appliance.

Useful 4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

For a wife who is looking for a gift for your husband for your 4th wedding anniversary celebration, it is better to give him something useful that he can use in his daily activities. You may not get confused to give what item.

There are numerous items which are not only interesting but totally useful. Your husband will like them. If your husband has to choose between flowers or fruits and appliances as his gift, I am sure he will choose tools or appliances.

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Therefore, it is better if you give your husband a gift from appliances. They will be more useful for him. You opt for an appliance he can use in his daily work. There are various amazing tools you can find out. Here we have selected some from Amazon.

neck and foot massager with heat

Powerful 3D rotating massage nodes deep-kneading Shiatsu massage to relax overused and tight muscles. This neck and foot massager with heat is an appliance that will be useful for your husband.

home tool kit

A home tool kit is another much needed tool for any man at home. Get this cool home tool kit for your husband's gift for your wedding anniversary day.

electric razor

This electric razor is another essential device needed by a man. So get it for his 4 year anniversary gift!

wi-fi light switch

This is a device which is much required for any modern home. This WI-fi light switch will be a useful thing for your husband.

electronic micrometer caliper with large LCD screen

This electronic micrometer caliper with large LCD screen can be much needed by your husband. It can be used to measure inside and outside diameter, depth and step with two sets of jaws and a probe. A perfect gift for him!

digital multimeter

A digital multimeter is another useful electronics frequently used at home. He needs it of course. Make it his gift is a good idea. The tool above can measure ACvoltage and Dcvoltage, resistance, and current. It can also test circuit continuity, battery quality, and diode biases. This is a must have addition to all your electrical and electronic tools.

speed corded reciprocating saw

For a wife whose husband likes to do a DIY project from wood, this cool electrical saw will be a big help for him. Hence, get it for his wedding anniversary gift. He would be very grateful to receive it.

circuit breaker finder

This circuit breaker finder can quickly and accurately locate the correct circuit breaker in a panel corresponding to the circuit to which an electrical outlet or fixture is connected. A cool and very useful gift for your husband.

wire cutter

A wire cutter or wire stripper is another essential tool that must be available at home. Surprise your husband with this item as his gift in your wedding anniversary celebration.

waterproof headLamp flashlight

Here is another cool and useful tool your husband must have at home. When there is a blackout, this headlamp will help him to navigate in the dark.

4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Her

Your wife certainly loves flowers and fruits. There are lots of flower and fruit arrangement that would be a perfect gift for her 4th wedding anniversary day. Take a look at our selections below.

4 year wedding anniversary gift rose bear artificial flowers

This rose bear artificial flower is very unique. It is beautifully handmade. It looks pretty cute as well. She would love it.

angle with chic purple rose

Here is another unique 4th wedding anniversary gift for her from flowers. Angle with chic purple rose made of natural Japanese rose with unique preservation process. A very romantic gift idea for your wife.

translucent teardrop-shape flower earrings

A pair of unique translucent teardrop-shape earrings. It features real dried flowers preserved in resin and surrounded by gold over sterling silver settings. A perfect gift for her.

rose LED glass display

This beautiful rose LED glass display will be a perfect gift too for your wife. The glass dome is made of premium quality glass, more transparent and without impurities. The base is made of solid wood after high temperature carbonation, more durable, stable and smooth surface without burr.

preserved roses with LED mood lights

Here is another unique and chic gift idea for her. These preserved roses with LED mood lights are all picked freshly and manually. This item would be a nice decoration for your room.

owl ceramic pot

She would really like this gift from owl ceramic pot. They look pretty unique. Perfect to grow cactus and succulent plants. They are ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home.

metal leaf bookmark

Not only pretty gorgeous, this metal leaf bookmark is of course much useful. It is made of pure copper which will not fade or rust. It can always stay as bright as new. What a perfect 4 year wedding anniversary gift for your wife!

Electrical appliances are the symbol of modern 4th wedding anniversary gift. For women, there are absolutely useful electrical devices which are much useful to use for every day usage. Here we gathered a number of practical electrical tools wives or women frequently use.

1 cup coffee maker with mug

Want a unique gift for her? This 1 cup coffee maker with mug is surely useful for your wife.

rice cooker steamer yogurt maker warmer

This is an appliance which will really help your wife to do her daily activities in the kitchen. 7-in-1 appliances. Very functional and useful. She would really love it.

nutrient extractor

It is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient-packed smoothies. Load it up with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries and spinach, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle. This nutrient extractor will be a perfect gift for your wife who really care of serve healthy foods for her family. 

Make your 4th wedding anniversary merrier by giving a gift each other. We hope one of the 4 year wedding anniversary gift ideas we selected above inspire you and make a perfect gift for your wife or husband.