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20 Unique Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Hi husbands and wives… Are you going to celebrate your third wedding anniversary? Do you want to give a gift to your couple? Third wedding anniversary gift may vary from the traditional gifts and modern ones. You need to know both of them.

What is the traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary? Leather is the traditional symbol for the 3rd wedding anniversary gift. Meanwhile, crystal is known as the modern 3rd wedding anniversary symbol.

After knowing the symbol of each gift choice, now it is about time to find the perfect gift for your spouse. There are various unique 3rd wedding anniversary gifts you can find out online. Check out our selections below.

Unique Leather Third Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife

There are lots of beautiful and interesting items made from leather and crystal. For a wife, various 3rd wedding anniversary gifts for husband are offered in numerous choices. You will surely get the perfect one.

For any husband, there are gorgeous leather anniversary gifts for her you can choose. Amazon offers lots of them. Here we have gathered around 20 items from Amazon which are not only unique, beautiful but also useful. They will be a meaningful third wedding anniversary gift for both of you.

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third wedding anniversary gift leather tray

This catchall valet tray is made of leather. It is beautifully engraved. It would be a perfect and useful gift idea for your husband or wife. You can put small things inside it.

leather engraved picture frame

Leather photo or picture frame is also a good item. It is useful. You can put your favorite photo. So, get it for your wife's or husband's wedding anniversary gift. This leather engraved picture frame is a good recommendation for you.

2-stem leather roses with vase

These 2-stem leather roses with vase look simple, though they are very pretty. This leather rose is hand made from strips of real leather and attached to a high quality floral stem. A perfect gift for her and him.

leather handmade bookmark

Want to have a simple gift but useful one? This leather handmade bookmark is a pretty one. It is made from premium buffalo leather. It has with a wonderful leather smell. It is soft-feeling yet tough. It is also slim and makes excellent page holders.

vintage handcrafted leather journal

A leather journal will be a nice gift idea for your wife. This vintage handcrafted journal is made from 100% soft and hard wearing water buffalo leather. Exuding rustic charm as well as that gorgeous leather smell. The antique appearance style gives it an old-world feel. It will help inspire your writing.

stainless steel slim leather watch

Here is a good lather 3rd anniversary gift idea for your husband. This leather watch is minimalist but very cool and masculine indeed. He would really like it.

leather stainless steel women watch

For a husband, this leather stainless steel watch is a perfect gift for your wife. It is suitable for bathing, swimming or snorkeling, however it is not resistant enough to withstand scuba diving.

engraved compass with antique leather case

This engraved compass with antique leather case will be a unique 3rd anniversary gift for your husband. Why don't you get it for him?

leather travel bag

A leather travel bag is a great leather gift idea for a wife or husband. It will be a very useful item. The bag above is handcrafted with premium quality buffalo leather. This leather duffle bag has a classy and vintage look with strong and reliable interiors.

leather cigar travel case with cedar wood lining

If your husband is a cigar lover. This leather cigar travel case with cedar wood lining is a perfect gift to celebrate your third wedding anniversary day. The perfect combination of cigar, leather and cedar wood, perfect to keep the cigar fresh and ensures the mellow taste.

leather bifold wallet

A wallet is an essential item for men and women. This leather bifold wallet is classic. Make it as your husband's anniversary gift. He will love it indeed.

leather scrapbook and photo album

A photo album scrapbook is another useful thing for you. Your wife will love to have it. This leather scrapbook and photo album is very authentic and classic. It will be a pretty gift for your wife.

Gorgeous Crystal Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couple

Crystal is the modern symbol of 3 year wedding anniversary gift. We have selected a number of beautiful items from crystals that would be a perfect gift for a wife and husband.

crystal bracelet

A crystal bracelet would be a pretty gift for her. Have a look at this sophisticated and glamorous bracelet. It stands out due to the precious beauty and distinctive bright of the Aurora Borealis Crystals from Austria. Just slowly turn the crystals under different lights, you will find a totally amazing world.

crystal red rose

This crystal red rose is so beautiful. It will be a romantic gift for your wife. She would love it. She can use it to decorate your room.

crystal window and car hanging ornament

Your husband and you will surely like this crystal window and car hanging ornament. Hang this chakra ornament in a sunlit window, car or living room which creates amazing Feng Shui energy. Totally charming gift for her and him.

crystal bonsai

Here is another amazing crystal decoration for your home. This crystal bonsai is so beautiful. It is something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree which can create a space where energy can freely flow and also attract good things! The energy of gemstone trees is one of freely flowing abundance. It would be a perfect third wedding anniversary gift for both of you.