No matter where you celebrate your big day, outdoors or indoors, a fireplace is a perfect, original and elegant addition to any wedding. No matter when your wedding is, in

Rustic decor brings a lot of charm and coziness, and it’s widely used for many weddings today, not only for rustic ones – for woodland, laid-back, backyard and many others,

Concrete is a popular decor material because it’s modern, simple and durable, besides, it’s not costly, and such items can be DIYed. Concrete has become a huge trend in wedding

Getting ready for a Halloween wedding? Then you’ll have to puzzle over tons of details: outfits, decor, tablescapes, favors, a cake – everything should be perfectly stylized to your wedding

Though round tables have their benefits—they’re a reception classic and make grouping guests easy—rectangular arrangements invite a more familial feel, while looking exceptionally romantic. Using long, rectangular banquet tables in